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Our Books

     The Book Tree is a family owned book store located in Western Pennsylvania (about 25 miles North of Pittsburgh, PA) specializing in a large variety of second-hand and collectible books and a warm friendly atmosphere. Unless otherwise marked, most of our books are sold for half the original cover price or less. 

Our Book Trade Policy

     You can save even more on book purchases in our store by trading in your used books for credit. Here's how it works:

1.) Bring in one bag or box of books at a time for trade. Please call first for larger orders.

2.) Receive credit of 25% the original cover price for acceptable books. Books are judged according to condition and overstock. We reserve the right to decline books not needed.

3.) Use your credit toward half of your used paperback book purchase. Credit may not be used toward the purchase of items marked cash only.


Payment Options

     We welcome Visa, Mastercard, Discover & Paypal payments as well as checks or money orders in U.S. funds to: Book Tree, 3585 Brodhead Road, Monaca, PA 15061 USA

Shipping Rates

> Media Mail (Standard) (7-10 days): $3.85 first book, plus 50 cents for each additional book.
> Priority Mail (2-3 days): $5.50 first book, plus 50 cents for each additional book.
> International shipping at cost.
> Packages over one pound may require additional postage.

Our Book Search

      The easiest way to search through our online book inventory and purchase our books online is by using the search engine at our affiliate Amazon.com. Click the following link to go there: 




















Our Store

     The Book Tree was founded in 1986 by the Dessler family of Monaca, PA. Our combined inventory includes well over 100,000 second-hand and collectible books. Please use our search link to explore these books.

Store Business Hours

10am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday

Open until 7pm on Wednesday & Thursday 

Closed Sunday

Contact Us

Telephone: 724-775-2665

Email: booktree@usa.net

26 Years and Counting!

     Twenty-six years ago, our founder and matriarch, Elaine Dessler knew what she wanted. She envisioned a place where readers could go to feel at home and browse through thousands of books in a warm family atmosphere. It would be a place where book lovers could buy their favorite books at great prices and even trade in their used books for credit. This could only become a reality by dedication to her guidelines and with very special customers like you. We hope to carry on Elaine's legacy and continue to improve and provide the best to you in the years to come. Thank you for your continued patronage.


  In Memory of Elaine              On August 3rd, we commemorate the birthday of our beloved founder and matriarch, Elaine Dessler.  "Love you, big uppa sky!"

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Our Mascots

   One day, while prospecting for gold in the hills of Western Pennsylvania, the ground beneath Redmond Aloysius Goodbook caved in and he fell into an abandoned coal mine below. In the fall, Red broke an arm and a leg and he was unable to escape on his own.

   After being trapped for two days and nights alone in the mine shaft with only a few books to read, a stray mule happened to come across the place where the old prospector fell through the ground. As it turns out, old Red was able to toss a rope up to the animal which pulled him slowly but surely up to safety.

   Red tried to find out where the mule came from but no one seemed to know. He finally decided to adopt the animal as his own and on Nov. 1, 2005, our loyal customers helped name Red's new companion. Since then, Red A. Goodbook and Milo have become inseparable and they now serve proudly as our trusted mascots.

From Our Warehouse               Here are some books that are not on the shelves in our store but are still available from our warehouse:

> Japan, Inc.: Introduction to Japanese Economics (The Comic Book), Very Good Paperback, Book # CB0004, Price: $4.95

> The case against government schools, Very Good Paperback, Book # CB0252, Price: $1.95

> Harper's Pictorial History of The Civil War, by Guernsey, Very Good Hardcover, Book # CB0389, Price: $15.00

> Frank Lloyd Wright Designs by De Long, Book # D1741, Price: $9.99

> The Twentieth Century History of Beaver County Pennsylvania 1900-1988, Very Good Hardcover, Book # 6389, Price: $39.95

> Logging by Brown, Very Good Hardcover, Book # 6390, Price: $3.95

> The Best of Live Steam Volume 1 (1966-1971) by Rice, Joe D., Very Good Hardcover, Book # 6403, Price: $45.00